About Us

The core principles of Treehouse Management services is the result of over 15 years of ownership and Arziona Property Management. Founded in 2006, its creation brought together the synergy of its three partners with vast real estate experience.

Since 2006, our team has increased its management portfolio to over 4,000 residential rental properties under management including office, industrial and retail space. Being one of the best property management companies in Arizona, Treehouse Management has brokered over 1 billion dollars in assets and assisted in remodeling and construction of over 250 projects.

We are recognized for doing a superior job for our clients both in property management and sales, as well as construction/rehab management of properties. As a result, Treehouse Group is recognized for our ability to increase value by solving complex real estate problems through management.

Our goals and vision are clear – to be the best full service real estate partner our clients can have. To accomplish this we focus on the following:

  • Learn our clients’ needs and their business
  • Create a partnership of interests with our clients
  • Employ fully committed service-minded and knowledgeable professionals
  • Add value by offering consistent, creative and customized services for each client


Treehouse Management | 1630 W Guadalupe Rd | Gilbert | Arizona | 85233 | P: 480-499-3746| Brokerage Number: BR551107000 – Designated Broker: Marcus Ridgway